10 Fun and Entertaining Activities that the Princesses Bring to the parties!

  1. A Princess Story! All the Princesses love to tell their story. The best part about a princess telling her story is that usually the birthday girl and her royal guests know the story very well and get to help! Don’t miss out on an enchanting moment while you get to watch your child interact with a Princess
  2. A Royal Dance! The Princesses also share their royal dance moves that they use in their ballrooms! It is important to teach each princess to use their imagination and with the dance, they can always dance around imagining that they are at a ball, even after the Princess has to leave the celebration
  3. Princess Rules! The Princesses teach etiquette and morals at each Birthday party. Cinderella’s favorite lesson to teach is to have courage and to be kind
  4. A Singalong! A lot of the Princesses love to have a sing along with their favorite song! Elsa’s favorite is, “Let it Go!”  
  5. Face Painting! Every Princess expresses their creative style through face painting! Rapunzel, especially loves to paint on walls but also will face paint all the children at your party! Princess Anna has spent many hours talking to the pictures on the wall and also loves to paint!
  6. Balloon Animals! The Princesses also enjoy making balloon animals. Snow White has many forest friends and could recreate them at your party. Ask any princess to bring that talent to your party!
  7. Fun Games! How can we forget games! The Princess at your party will make sure that all the children are having lots of magical fun! They play fun games such as Prince and Princess says and musical mats!
  8. Princess Photos! Princesses love Portraits! The princesses will take photos at all the parties so that the moment can last forever! They can take photos with all the guests and the family as well. All you have to do is ask!
  9. Princess Energy! Each Princess has energy, grace and spunk. When you have a Princess at your party you are guaranteed a magical time and the Birthday Princess or Prince will never forget how fun it was to party with Princess Belle or Moana!
  10. A Royal Coronation! Before every princess leaves they Coronate the birthday girl as a princess herself and give her a gift of a tiara and a sash. That way as one Princess leaves a party there will still be another one there! The Birthday Princess !


AWYHM Superhero Movie to Debut in 2019!!

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We are so excited to share that A Wish Your Heart Makes will be debuting a Superhero Mini Movie in the spring of 2019!

Our amazing talented performers along with some incredible creative talent collaborated for what will be our best Superhero movie yet!

Here are a few sneak peeks of some behind the scenes action…

A special thanks to…

Camera Operator: Jamison Carnevali

Set Photographer: Brian J. Matis

Guest Martial Artists: Jennifer & Allison

Martial Artists’ Dojo: Carlson Gracie Jiu Jitsu

Additional Photos by: Jay Raftery

What an Incredible Holiday Season

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A Wish Your Heart Makes had an INCREDIBLE holiday season!

On a cold winter night the JOY these characters brought to the San Luis Obispo Christmas Parade was nothing short of MAGICAL.

A special thank you to our AMAZING performers and the city of San Luis Obispo for an incredible night!


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At A Wish Your Heart Makes we strive to find and hire the best performers to bring the most exciting and magical experiences to our events and parties.

Meet one of our newest performers Rebecca singing “Someday My Prince Will Come.” We are blessed to have many performers that have amazing singing voices, and we are so honored to have her join our team.

Isn’t her voice absolutely beautiful?!

Our elves spreading some Christmas cheer!

St. Rose McCarthy School – Hanford, California

“Maybe Christmas doesn’t come from a store, maybe Christmas perhaps means a little bit more!”  Our elves have been very busy spreading Christmas “excitement” and love to children all over the Central Valley!

Little Feet Childcare and Preschool – Hanford, California



It’s not too late! We still have some a few spots available for the month of December. Be sure to contact us today because we’re booking fast!

Central Valley: 559-784-4064  Central Coast: 805-784-0848 kathee@awishyourheartmakes.com



Why A Wish Your Heart Makes is Better Than the Rest!

With so many character party companies; why choose A Wish Your Heart Makes?

At A Wish Your Heart Makes we have the largest selection of authentic princesses, superheroes, Star Wars Characters and more to make your party stand out from any other.

We are the longest standing company in the central coast and central valley, with over 12 years of successful experience! We realize that there are less expensive companies out there. However, with A Wish Your Heart Makes you’re not just hiring characters to make an appearance…you’re paying for an experience! Our cast members have high-quality costumes, story telling, singing and adventure skills to bring an authentic character to you that your child will never forget!

We at A Wish Your Heart Makes want to team with you and help you plan your next party or event. We know that with a huge selection of characters and options available, the value of working together and our expertise of designing children’s parties, takes away all the guesswork and overwhelm of putting it together yourself.

We are the “Happiest Business on Earth” and we’ve developed a track record of excellence that you can count on. This means you can have peace of mind knowing that we will provide the child’s entertainment that we’ve promised and the expertise to create an unforgettable experience! We have a team of characters ready to help you make your party great!

10 Tips to Make Your Child’s Next Birthday Party a SUCCESS!

1. Mark your calendar. Set the date, time, and place for your child’s party.

Taya’s 3rd Birthday – Tulare, CA

2. Create a theme. What is your child’s favorite movie, book, or television show? This can give you an idea of what the parties theme could be and how elaborate you would like to make it.

3. Set a budget. Plan ahead! Give us a call early on and we can help you find the party plan and character that works for you!

4. Make a checklist.  Write everything down and stress less! You won’t have to worry about forgetting important details for your child’s birthday party.  Rest assured that our portion of the kids party is already taken care of.

5. Determine party size and send out invites.

Jedi Training in the Park – San Luis Obispo, CA

6. Decorations. Decide what you can make, borrow, or need to buy. This leads on to the next item…

7. Enlist help from family and friends. Divide up your workload so more can get done in half the time. This will also save money since family and friends can help with set up, clean up, decorations, food, etc.

Emma’s 5th Birthday – Los Banos, CA

8. Make it special!
Our kids party characters will make your event more memorable for your child and their guests. Relax and watch your child as they enjoy time with their favorite character! Enlist a princess, superhero or a Star Wars character to entertain at your child’s next party!

9. Organize games and activities. Add on face painting or a game and they will have even more interaction and fun memories with their favorite character!

10. Most important: Have fun!

We hope these Top 10 Successful Birthday Party Tips will help you in planning  your next Princess Party, Superhero Party or Star Wars party

Elsa, Anna and Olaf spent Veterans Day in Porterville!


Veterans Day Parade Celebration— at Staffords Famous Chocolates in Porterville.

A very special thank you to all that came to visit Queen Elsa, Princess Anna and Olaf.

There were hundreds!!

They all received “warm hugs”.


McKayla turns 5!

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Cinderella and Belle made sure that McKayla had the best 5th birthday EVER!

It’s clear to see her family and friends would agree.

The excitement on the McKayla and her friends’ faces are one of the many reasons why A Wish Your Heart Makes is truly thee “Happiest Business on Earth”.

Check out the rest of McKayla’s 5th Birthday Party and see for yourself…

Monroe’s Modeling Debut

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“Because no matter how small an act of kindness or generosity or simple positivity you put out into the world, it will make a difference.”  – Wonder Woman (comic)


ps. How adorable is Monroe?!  Thank you Monroebot Graphics for allowing your little one to model for us!