Snow White Whistles a Happy Tune

Snow White came to celebrate Liah’s first Birthday with Song and Dance and Cheer!

“Just do your Best and take a Rest and Sing Yourself a Song…”

Snow White reminds us that it’s what’s inside that makes us beautiful: Courage, Hope, Kindness, Humility, Cheerfulness, and an I-Can-Do-This Attitude. So Whistle While you Work and be the most Beatiful YOU!

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Best Day Ever!

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Rapunzel descended from her tower and had the Best Day Ever greeting the children at Kennedy Fitness Club in Arroyo Grande! Then she celebrated Ellie’s very special Birthday with Song and Dance, and a reminder for all to Live Your Dream!

Multi-Character FUN

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Who says you can’t have ALL your favorite characters at your Birthday?

Lillian in Morro Bay sure enjoyed HER Party – with all her favorites! Batgirl, Wonder Woman, Sleeping Beauty, Princess Ariel, AND Princess Poppy had a wonderful time with the children!

Happy Birthday, Lillian. We love to Party – thank you for inviting us!


Princess School in SLO

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Our Princesses Belle and Rapunzel were delighted to come to San Luis Obispo Library to train young princesses! They enjoyed Storytelling, Singing & Dancing, a Manners & Etiquette Lesson, and the Red Carpet Coronation Walk. They love meeting little princesses from all over California’s Central Coast!

Princesses in the Park Night

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WOW, look who showed up for this huge Event at the Fresno Grizzlies Stadium! They came from their kingdoms near and far, from land and sea, to Meet & Greet the children in Fresno, CA. Friends were made, plenty of Photos were taken, and some were even able to share their favorite songs with the children!

Moana travels from sea to land!

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Just as the ocean called to her, Adalyn called out for Moana to join her at her birthday party! After using the stars as her guide, Moana was able to find and celebrate the wonderful occasion! She even made Adalyn an honorary voyager of Motunui!

Moana parties, Central Valley & Coast, California Moana parties, Central Valley & Coast, California Moana parties, Central Valley & Coast, California

Jolly Roger Sighted over Merced!

Captain Hook and Tinker Bell flew on the Jolly Roger to Merced for Bellah’s eighth birthday celebration! Captain Hook was disturbed by the lack of piracy at the party, but Tink and her new fairy friends kept the old codfish from doing anything bad!

Tinker Bell parties, Captain Hook parties, Central Valley & Coast, California