3 Reasons to Choose A Wish Your Heart Makes for Your Next Party or Event

Why choose A Wish Your Heart Makes for your next party or event?

#1 – We make it easy for you!

It’s as easy as picking up the phone to connect with one of our trained team members to entertain at your child’s next party. We know that with a huge selection of characters and options available, the value of working together with us and our expertise of designing children’s parties, takes away all the guesswork and overwhelm of putting it together yourself.

#2 – We can create your custom Princess party, Star Wars party or Superhero party with the largest selection of characters!

You are not limited to one style of party. We have THE largest selection of authentic princesses, superheroes, Star Wars characters and more to make your party stand out from any other. Being the longest standing local company, with 11 years of successful experience, our cast members have high-quality costumes, story telling, singing and adventure skills to bring a believable character to you that your child will never forget.

#3 – You can count on us!

We are the “Happiest Business on Earth” and we’ve developed a track record of excellence that you can count on. This means you can have peace of mind knowing that we will provide the child’s entertainment that we’ve promised and the expertise to create an unforgettable experience! We have a team of characters ready to help you make your party great!

Contact us today for any questions or to book us for your next event!

Princesses in the Park was a SUCCESS!

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Monday’s Princess in the Park Event was a HUGE success!!

There was over 100 people in attendance, and as you can see from the video below the excitement from the children (and parents) was overwhelming.

Our goal was to showcase our princesses and a glimpse of the level of service we can provide for your child and events.  By the looks on everyone’s faces – we believe we exceeded everyone’s expectations.

A special thank you to San Luis Obispo’s officers Berrios, Bailey and Locarnini for making sure the princesses and families were safe!

Princesses in the Park Video

Princesses in the Park Update…

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We have had SO many little princesses registering for our special event in San Luis Obispo for Sept. 3 that we are full to capacity! We had to close the online registration. We are so excited to meet everyone at the Park!

However, if you did not have a chance to register yet, you can still CALL today and we will fit you in. 559-361-3923

Princess Parties, Central Valley & Coast, California

Moana Sails in to Celebrate

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Princess Moana loves to sail in and celebrate little princesses’ birthdays!

Aria had a fantastic time with her in Fresno at the Water Park.

Moana reminds the children that, “You must find happiness where you are.”

Here’s an Idea: Enjoy the last of the warm weather with a Luau hosted by our Moana!

Moana Party, Princess Party, How Far I’ll Go, Disney Princess, Children’s Parties

Queen Elsa loves party invitations

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Queen Elsa is ready to come from her Icy Kingdom to celebrate your little princess!

She makes a grand entrance in her magnificent Cape, Storytells and Sings Along with the children her favorite song, “Let It Go, teaches the Princess Dance, provides an Etiquette Lesson, and can Face Paint. Who’s ready for some cooler weather?? Queen Elsa can chill things down!

She can also bring along her dear sister, Princess Anna, and her favorite snowman, Olaf.

Queen Elsa, Disney Princess, Princess Parties, Frozen, Snow Queen, COSplay Disney, Let it Go

Ninja Turtles to the Rescue!

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Mikey and Donny had a SMASH of a time with brothers David and Troy celebrating their special day! Our Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles are always ready to party with friends, and to show them so cool Ninja moves. Bring on the pizza! COWABUNGA!

TMNT, Turtle Party, Cowabunga, Ninja Turtles, Michaelangelo, Donatello

Princess Belle visits Santa Maria

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Belle had an Enchanting time celebrating Emma Lucia’s special day in Santa Maria!

With Storytelling, Singing and Dancing, Etiquette Lesson, Face Painting and Balloons, you always get the Red Carpet Treatment by A Wish Your Heart Makes!

Princess Belle loves being invited to children’s parties! “Be our Guest” at your own party!

Princess Belle Storytelling

Princess Belle, Red Carpet Coronation

Princess Belle, Be Our Guest, Disney Princess, Princess Party

Snow White Whistles a Happy Tune

Snow White came to celebrate Liah’s first Birthday with Song and Dance and Cheer!

“Just do your Best and take a Rest and Sing Yourself a Song…”

Snow White reminds us that it’s what’s inside that makes us beautiful: Courage, Hope, Kindness, Humility, Cheerfulness, and an I-Can-Do-This Attitude. So Whistle While you Work and be the most Beatiful YOU!

Snow White, Disney Princess, Princess Party

Best Day Ever!

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Rapunzel descended from her tower and had the Best Day Ever greeting the children at Kennedy Fitness Club in Arroyo Grande! Then she celebrated Ellie’s very special Birthday with Song and Dance, and a reminder for all to Live Your Dream!

Multi-Character FUN

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Who says you can’t have ALL your favorite characters at your Birthday?

Lillian in Morro Bay sure enjoyed HER Party – with all her favorites! Batgirl, Wonder Woman, Sleeping Beauty, Princess Ariel, AND Princess Poppy had a wonderful time with the children!

Happy Birthday, Lillian. We love to Party – thank you for inviting us!