Rapunzel Has An Exciting Surprise!

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Our golden haired maiden has some exciting news!

From high up in her tower she tells us…

This fall she will be accompanied by her dashing beau as she attends enchanted events throughout the land!!!!

Rapunzel’s quick witted chivalrous companion will soon make his debut!

Stay tuned to find out what kind of mischief these two love birds cause with their playful banter!


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Win a $50 Gift Certificate toward a Magical Character Party!

A Wish Your Heart Makes Celebrates!

A Wish Your Heart Makes was honored to to receive

” The SBDC  Family Owned Business Award”

in 2010


We were chosen out of 15 counties in the area from Stockton to Bakersfield to the Central Coast!

Creating a “field of dreams” for your child is the mission of “A Wish Your Heart Makes”, a family-owned and operated children’s’ entertainment and party business. Founded in 2006, this Mother-Daughter team started their home-based business that has grown to a family of three. Since inception, their business has grown annually at a 25% rate. They have completed over 600 birthday and special celebration parties with the help of 20 plus independent contractors as specialty characters” -Gil Jaramillo
CVBI-SBDC Visalia Office


As of today we are over 2,000 strong and still going! To celebrate our success we are offering…

A chance to win a $50 gift certificate to be used toward a magical character party!

The person with the most entries will be the winner!

There are 4 ways to enter the contest.



1.) Like us on facebook

2.) Share this article on facebook

3.) Ask your friends and family to like us on facebook and then leave a comment on our page with your name to be entered into the contest.

4.) Post a picture of a special memory with one of our characters on our page.

  •  The contest deadline is Monday September 17th
  • Winner will be announced Thursday September 18th

A Note from Kathee:

I am so Proud of our Cast Members for a continued job well done!

Our company is sought after because of professionalism and attention to detail with their energy-filled performances, attentiveness to the children,  outstanding costumes, and bringing the JOY, LAUGHTER & MAGIC into each and every event!

We are now 2000 + events STRONG!! (since 2007)

I’d also like to thank each and every host that has invited us into their homes and to perform at their events.We are so incredibly honored to be given the opportunity to share in these special moments with all of you. It is your loyalty and faith in our company that keeps us going strong!

Thank you! 


Kathee Brown

At A Wish Your Heart Makes We are proud to display California State Senate Recognition awarded by Roy Ashburn,California Legislature Assembly Recognition awarded by Connie Conway,and Congressional recognition awarded to us by Congress Members Jim Costa and Devin Nunes:

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Make TuTus With TinkerBell!

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I am a tinker fairy and that means I am crafty! I love to tinker! Here is an idea that I think all of my little tinkering friends would love to try too!

Here is what each little tinker will need:

  • 5 yards of tulle cut into 4″ strips
  • 1 elastic headband
  • 1 small box

What to do:

Wrap the elastic band around the small box to hold it still and then tie the strips of tulle onto the band. If there is extra space on the band when you are finished just arrange the tulle by sliding each strip one way or the other.


Great party idea:

Place supplies into the box and pass them out to each little tinker as they arrive. Once the tutus are made they can be worn for the party!

Cinderella Shares a Magical Moment!

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When I wish a happy birthday to a special little princess I am delighted to see her eyes light up with excitement!  Her parents have taken so much time to prepare an enchanted event for her with love and care for each and every detail.

Sometimes however, these wonderful events can be difficult for younger siblings. Understanding that it is not quite their day yet is tough.

I was recently invited to a lovely little girl’s party where her parent’s remedy for the “not my birthday blues” warmed my heart.

The day’s events were well under way as I gave a beautiful coronation ceremony complete with  royal music,  a walk down the red carpet, and a tiara for the birthday girl to wear as she was  crowned Princess for the day.

Next, she blew out the candles on her gorgeous castle cake. Each guest was served cake and ice cream to eat. Then came time for Presents.

Our little Princess’s mother announced that every princess needs a “Present Fairy” on her birthday. Our birthday princess’s  little sister was given a set of fairy wings and then designated the official “Present Fairy” and she was in charge of presenting each gift to the princess! Both sisters had a wonderful time!

What a special way to include a sibling! I think every party needs a present fairy,  maybe two or three!

Yo Ho Yo Ho…Captain Jack Sails In!

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Avast Me Hearties!

Captain Jack here! When a lad or lass be celebratin’ a birthday I love to  lead um’ on a treasure hunt, and to hunt treasure we be needin’ a treasure map!

Here is how you can make one before the party:

You will need:

  • A brown paper bag
  • A black marker
  • Lemon juice
  • Small paint brush

Here is what to do:

  1. Cut a square from your brown paper. Tear the edges (don’t cut) so it looks old. Crumple it a few time and then flatten it out.You can also burn the edges a bit.
  2. With a black marker draw a map on your brown paper. give the places creative names. Some examples are: Cliffs of Doom, Dead Man’s Rock, Skull Mountain, and Cross Bones Cove, be creative! Draw a dotted line around the map to show how to get to the hidden treasure.
  3. Dip a paint brush into lemon juice and paint the “X” onto the map. When it dries it will be invisible.
  4. When you’re ready, hold your Pirate Map over a heat source (a toaster works well). You see the “X” appear before your eyes!

Source: google.com via Deanna on Pinterest

Dreamnight At The Fresno Chaffee Zoo

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A fun, energizing evening with “A Wish Your Heart Makes” … Dreamnight at the Chaffee Zoo in Fresno.  DreamNight is an invitation only event for special needs kids and our character cast of Captain Jack Sparrow, Spiderman, Belle and Ariel will be there providing entertainment for these special kids!

From Fresno Chaffee Zoo’s website: “The goal of Dreamnight at the Zoo is literally-‘An annual and entrance-free evening opening of a zoo exclusively for children with special health care needs and children with disabilities, their parents and brothers and sisters.’ These very special guests do not often have opportunities to visit our zoos, because they come from children’s hospitals or institutions for children with disabilities.”

Fairytale Fun For The Whole Family

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Hope you can join us!

Fairytale Fun for the Whole Family!
Multimedia Play and Production:


Darth Vader — Mad Hatter — Captain Jack —

Princess Belle & the Beast — Snow White — Cinderella and her

Fairy Godmother & the Wicked Stepsisters — Tinkerbell &

all the little fairies — Ariel — Jessie — Dorothy, Glinda, the Wizard 

& Cowardly Lion — AND of course MALEFICENT!!!

Also featuring Susan Pallas’s —


Limited Seating — For Reservations call Diana 415-218-9962

Photo opportunity with characters after the show with:
Darth Vader–Princess Belle & the Beast–Tinkerbell & her fairy friends–Ariel–Mad Hatter–the Queen of Hearts–Dorothy, the Cowardly Lion, Glinda & the Wizard–Snow White–Jessie (Toy Story)–Captain Jack–the Fairy Godmother–the Wicked Stepsisters–AND Malificent
A wonderful adventure of ‘BELIEVE’ awaits all…

Tickets can be purchased at Fashion Network, Rohrbach’s Gifts and Cards / Baby News, or Cafe 210 in Visalia!

Introducing The Veggie Family!!

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Chef Brown, of Miss Brown Sings, recently introduced the Veggie Family to her entertainment repertoire! An energetic and delicious group of root vegetable puppets created the delight little imaginations via interactive song and dance! Attention Teachers — schedule your ‘YUMMY FOR THE TUMMY’ Nutritional Show for your class. Musical Puppet Show w/ Fruit & Veggie food sampling. To schedule call Kathee at 784-4064. Click here to see more!!!

Delicious FUN on KSEE 24

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Today, Thursday March 15, 2012, Chef Brown and her “Yummy for the Tummy” musical puppet show will be featured with Alex Delgado on KSEE 24 Central Valley Today at 11am. Be sure to tune in and find out how this nutritional program could benefit YOU! Chef Brown inspires children with music that is sure to nourish their minds, bodies and souls.