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Princesses enjoy visiting Santa’s House in SLO

Christmas is almost here and three royal characters enjoyed greeting visitors to Santa’s House December 13th. Princess Jasmine, Princess Aurora, and Queen Elsa had a ball meeting all of the children waiting in line to see Santa Claus at Mission Plaza in San Luis Obispo. “We enjoyed hearing the excitement in the children’s voices as they greeted us while waiting to give Santa their list for Christmas,” said Princess Aurora. Princess Jasmine was glad that she wore her warm cloak. “My kingdom is a lot warmer than San Luis Obispo in December, but the atmosphere here is utterly enchanting!” Queen Elsa was not bothered by the cold, but she still enjoyed all of the warm hugs given by everyone: “Olaf would have loved all of the enthusiastic children!”

Princess Jasmine, Princess Aurora, & Queen Elsa Visit Santa's House in SLO
Princess Jasmine, Princess Aurora, & Queen Elsa Visit Santa’s House in SLO.

There is still time to visit Santa Claus at Santa’s House! We hope that everyone on the central coast has a very Merry Christmas this holiday season!

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