Hero Alliance for Superhero Parties

Superhero parties for children with A Wish Your Heart Makes include a vast array of male and female superheroes and villains!

super heroesSuper Heroes to the Rescue!!!!


AWYHM Super Hero Alliance will use their super human powers in their superhero parties to mold young prospects into crime fighting heroes with our very own “Super Hero Training”!

Superhero children's parties, Central Valley and Central Coast, California

Celebrate your little hero’s day!

Book a “Hero Alliance” Party Package today!

Imagine the look of excitement on your child’s face as they receive their very own hero cape and are are declared an honorary Super Hero by their favorite crime fighting crusader!


How much fun would it be for your child to invite their friends to create a hero alliance of their own!

“With great power comes great responsibility… and with great super powers comes great Birthday Parties!” -Spiderman