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Frozen trio freezes Visalia!

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Along with Queen Elsa and Princess Anna, Olaf was super excited to be invited to Soleil Genevieve’s coronation day on December 16th! With the help of Elsa’s snow flurry, Olaf was able to enjoy being with Soleil on her fourth birthday! Elsa and Anna were also able to “let it go” and be ultra silly on this day as well!

Minnie Mouse shares her love for bows in Fresno!

After a long day of working at her Bow-tique, Minnie Mouse gladly traveled to Fresno for some fun! She was able to celebrate Lianna’s 3rd birthday and meet many new mouseketeers (who each got their own set of ears!). After much dancing and ice cream, Minnie gave a tearful good bye to her new friends!

The Crown Princess of Avalor Heads to Fresno!

Upon hearing it was Molly’s 4th birthday, Princess Elena rode Skylar all the way to Fresno to celebrate with her! After receiving etiquette lessons from the Crown Princess of Avalor herself, Molly was given her very own crown and was dubbed an honorary princess! Hooray!

Bakersfield gets a visitor from Avalor!

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Princess Elena loves parties, so she was ecstatic to be invited to Addilyn’s 7th birthday in Bakersfield! So ecstatic, it seems, that she forgot to tell Chancellor Esteban where she was going! In the midst of her later scolding, she assured us that she wouldn’t take back the time she had with her new friends for the world!    … Read more »

Moana sails to Visalia!

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Moana boarded her boat and sailed across the sea to visit Mckendrie on her 5th birthday! She told of her daring adventures and of how she restored the heart of Te Fiti! Moana was also pleasantly surprised when she saw that Mckendrie and her family had a small ocean (apparently called a “pool”) in their backyard!

A Warm Visit from Arendelle!

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Queen Elsa and Princess Anna surprised young Genevieve when they showed up at her coronation day on October 7th! The newly crowned birthday girl and her noble friends were taught to let it go and that love is a very powerful force! After many warm hugs (Olaf would be so proud!), Elsa and Anna returned to Arendelle with many new… Read more »

Poppy sings her way into Visalia!

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Princess Poppy was super duper happy to be invited to Mila’s second birthday on October 7th! Everyone was able to dance and hug and sing and dance and sing and hug and dance and hug and dance and sing and hug and dance and hug, just like all good little trolls do! What a happy thought!