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Ariel joins the party in Clovis

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Ariel swam onto dry land from the ocean for Ella’s 6th birthday party in Clovis on January 28th. Various fairytale-themed games entertained Ella and guests as they also visited and posed for photos with the “under-the-sea” princess. Ariel had such a special time with Ella, and hope she sees her on her 7th birthday! What a lovely birthday for princess… Read more »

Superhero Dance Party in SLO

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It was a “dance” party with Batman, Cat Woman, and Captain America at the San Luis Obispo Country Club for Jack’s 4th birthday party on January 15th. These Superheroes had “Super Power” dance moves as they grooved to a DJ during the party! They also interacted with guests, posed for pictures, and made Jack an Honorary Superhero! These 3 superheros… Read more »

Spiderman And Captain America visit Paso Robles

Spiderman and Captain America swooped into Paso Robles for Ricky’s 5th “Super” birthday party on January 14th. Superhero games that tested agility and balloon swords helped make the party extra special! Here’s to an amazing birthday to newly minted superhero Ricky!

Spiderman surprises in Bakersfield

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Spiderman swung in to Bakersfield to visit Aaron at his 5th birthday party January 14th. Look at this collection of Heroes! Spiderman enjoyed hanging out with fellow superhero Aaron and playing fun games with him! There is never a dull moment when your Spidey senses are tingling!

Ninja Turtle Party in Hanford

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What a day for a totally righteous Birthday party! Birthday boy Lemar had 3 Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and trainer Christal show up to his 2nd birthday party in Hanford on November 12th! Leonardo, Raphael, Michelangelo, and our trainer Christal had a radical time teaching awesome ninja moves to Lemar and his party crew!

Clovis visited by Woody & Jessie

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Woody and Jessie had a grand ‘ol time celebrating Marlena’s birthday in Clovis October, 22nd. The country duo really hoped they made the birthday girl’s day really special. They sang with the kids, played games, and created balloon animals. Jessie and Woody wish Marlena a fun and memorable birthday!

Snow White & the Evil Queen in Visalia

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Snow White and the Evil Queen were in Visalia October, 22nd to wish Lucie a happy 5th birthday. Princess Snow White asked that the Evil Queen be on her best behavior at Lucie’s birthday party. The Evil Queen agreed to not give anyone any apples and enjoyed being included in the festivities. “Thank you for inviting us both to attend… Read more »

Alice celebrates in Visalia

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Alice and the gang had a merry time in Clovis October, 9th at Savannah’s 7th birthday party! Alice, Mad Hatter, and The Queen of Hearts all attended a wonderful tea party for Savannah and sang her a rousing rendition of “Happy Birthday”! No need to wish anybody a very, merry “Un-birthday” at this party! They played games, created balloon animals,… Read more »

Princess Tiana Celebrates in Santa Maria

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Princess Tiana had a wonderful and memorable time at Zoe’s 4th birthday party in Santa Maria September, 17th. Princess Tiana had the pleasure of crowning Zoe as “Princess for a day” with a red carpet coronation and making crafts with the birthday girl and all of her guests. Princess Tiana was so moved by the warm welcome she was given… Read more »

Ariel makes a splash in Porterville

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Princess Ariel had twice the fun in Porterville Sunday, September 11th as she celebrated Eva turning 7 and Alexa turning 4! The birthday girls were both crowned princess-for-a-day and enjoyed face painting and learning how to act and dance like a princess. The Little Mermaid had such an exciting time at their party and was glad she could be a… Read more »