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Maleficent Magically Appears in Clovis

Maleficent was returned to her real form (minus her spectacular powers and scepter) by the Fairy Godmother to visit Abigail on her 9th birthday! Although it was considered to be a “good deed” (yuck), she was happily surprised by how many new minions she obtained! She promised that all could come to her castle… once she figures out how to… Read more »

Ariel and Elena team up!

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In Arroyo Grande, Ariel and Princess Elena had a delightful time celebrating Emme’s 6th birthday! Ariel was surprised to see so many dinglehoppers and thingamajigs being used during the tea party! Elena was able to put her new etiquette lessons to good use by teaching others how to take tea properly! It was a lovely day!

A Wicked Visit in Madera

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In an uncanny turn of events, the Evil Queen was welcomed with open arms to Chloe’s 8th birthday party in Madera. Luckily, it would seem that her Majesty grew fond of the children (they were nothing at all like her air-headed step-daughter) and the children went poison free… for now.

Frozen trio freezes Visalia!

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Along with Queen Elsa and Princess Anna, Olaf was super excited to be invited to Soleil Genevieve’s coronation day on December 16th! With the help of Elsa’s snow flurry, Olaf was able to enjoy being with Soleil on her fourth birthday! Elsa and Anna were also able to “let it go” and be ultra silly on this day as well!

Our Elf on a Shelf flies to Oakhurst

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Sprinkles the Elf had LOADS of fun at Branches Books & Gifts back in December! She got to sing and dance to festive music with all of her new friends! Sprinkles was also delighted when she got to take fun photos with said new friends! What a merry evening that was!