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Maleficent Magically Appears in Clovis

Maleficent was returned to her real form (minus her spectacular powers and scepter) by the Fairy Godmother to visit Abigail on her 9th birthday! Although it was considered to be a “good deed” (yuck), she was happily surprised by how many new minions she obtained! She promised that all could come to her castle… once she figures out how to… Read more »

One wicked party in Santa Maria!

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Princess Aurora and Maleficent put aside their differences to celebrate Victoria’s birthday on September 9th! Aurora enjoyed sharing her story (with some… ahem… corrections from Maleficent) and dancing with all of the young princesses! Even Maleficent admitted that it was a delightfully wicked celebration (she assured us that this was a very high compliment)!

Maleficent visits Powell’s Sweet Shop in SLO

Maleficent had a wickedly, grand time at Powell’s Sweet Shop in San Luis Obispo Sunday, October 25th. The Mistress of all evil posed for photos and gave her side of the story to fans that visited her in the sweet shop. Maleficent hopes everyone has a good time “tricking” others on Halloween.