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Elsa, Anna and Olaf spent Veterans Day in Porterville!

  Veterans Day Parade Celebration— at Staffords Famous Chocolates in Porterville. A very special thank you to all that came to visit Queen Elsa, Princess Anna and Olaf. There were hundreds!! They all received “warm hugs”.  

Frozen trio freezes Visalia!

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Along with Queen Elsa and Princess Anna, Olaf was super excited to be invited to Soleil Genevieve’s coronation day on December 16th! With the help of Elsa’s snow flurry, Olaf was able to enjoy being with Soleil on her fourth birthday! Elsa and Anna were also able to “let it go” and be ultra silly on this day as well!

Belle, Cinderella, and Olaf celebrate a 1st Birthday in Dinuba

Princess Belle, Cinderella, and Olaf had a fun and delightful time at little Cienna’s 1st Birthday celebration March 19th in Dinuba. Princess Belle declared little Cienna “the most well behaved one year old” and “the perfect little princess!” Princess Cienna enjoyed their visit and they reveled in sharing her special day with her! Cinderella was utterly enchanted with Cienna and… Read more »

Queen Elsa and Olaf Pop Into Porterville

Queen Elsa and Olaf came in all the way from Arendelle to bring a “Flurry of Fun” to the Porterville Public Library last week. Children enjoyed their adventurous story and a fun-filled sing-a-long. Queen Elsa proclaimed, “It was a most magical time and we hope to drop in again for another enjoyable visit!” Olaf thought they were the “coolest” crowd… Read more »