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A Warm Visit from Arendelle!

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Queen Elsa and Princess Anna surprised young Genevieve when they showed up at her coronation day on October 7th! The newly crowned birthday girl and her noble friends were taught to let it go and that love is a very powerful force! After many warm hugs (Olaf would be so proud!), Elsa and Anna returned to Arendelle with many new… Read more »

An Icy Blast Flies Over Dinuba!

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On September 10th, Queen Elsa took a break from ruling Arendelle to visit Princess Lana on her fifth birthday! Many princesses gathered from the surrounding kingdoms to enjoy this magical celebration! However, Queen Elsa was incredibly baffled on how all of her fellow princesses seemed to have shrunk into child form! Once she was assured that it wasn’t a devious… Read more »

The Princess Ball at Fresno Grizzlies

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Princesses lined up to attend a real “ball” at Chuckchansi Park in Fresno on August 18th where they could meet Moana, Princess Elena, Elsa and Anna, Belle, Snow White, Princess Sofia, Cinderella, Rapunzel, Flynn Ryder, and even Captain America! All attendees could attend a real ball where they could sing along with Elsa and Moana and watch fireworks afterwards! Princess… Read more »

Queen Elsa Celebrates!

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Queen Elsa made a very special trip to Visalia on February 25th to see a strong and beautiful little girl as she celebrated her last treatment for cancer. Natalia is 5 years old and in remission from cancer. Queen Elsa performed a red carpet coronation and made Natalia a Princess-for-a-Day and also gave her the last pill she would need… Read more »

Princess Ball at Chukchansi Park

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Chukchansi Park was the place to be on August 26th for a magnificently, magical evening for prince and princesses of all ages. The Princess Ball at the Fresno Grizzlies Baseball Stadium featured A Wish Your Heart Makes own Queen Elsa and Princesses Anna, Belle, Jasmine, Rapunzel, and Cinderella…and even Captain America! All of the princesses, Queen Elsa, and Captain America… Read more »

Elsa and Anna Party in Fresno

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Khloe, age 6, welcomed Queen Elsa and Princess Anna as special guests to her party in Fresno on August 20th. Khloe enjoyed dancing, princess ettiquette, a fairytale story and more from the royal sisters. Queen Elsa admired Khloe’s beautiful dress and Princess Anna enjoyed spending time with Khloe. What a magical day for our newly crowned princess!

Royal Tea Party at Chaffee Zoo in Fresno

Queen Elsa and Princess Anna held a royal tea party to celebrate 4 year old Alyssa last Sunday, August 7th at Chaffee Zoo in Fresno. Alyssa is a “Make a Wish” foundation recipient and Queen Elsa and Princess Anna were honored to attend Alyssa’s special event! Together the royal sisters sang their famous songs and told their daring tale of… Read more »

Isabel Anderson’s Angelversary

Isabel’s Angelversary Queen Elsa was honored to attend an event that was close to her heart May 7th. Isabel Anderson’s Angelversary celebrated the heart and vibrant spirit of a special girl in the community. Queen Elsa met her in Fall of 2014 at a fundraiser and was touched by the wonderful heart and strength she and her family exuded. Queen… Read more »

2nd Birthday party in Clovis

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April, 23rd was a magical day for newly crowned Princess Paige. Queen Elsa and Princess Anna attended Paige’s 2nd birthday party in Clovis and had such a wonderful time! They hope that Paige and her friends enjoyed their storytelling and lessons on princess etiquette! They loved how excited Paige was to see them and be crowned princess for a day!