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Star Wars in SLO

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The Force was strong in SLO as Luke celebrated his 4th birthday on August 6th with Jedi Trainer Dominic, Princess Leia, Darth Vader and one of his loyal Storm Troopers. Luke and his guests learned the ways of the Jedi and how to turn away from the Dark Side from Jedi Trainer Dominic and Princess Leia. They were all tested… Read more »

Parents For Joy

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A Wish Your Heart Makes had another fantastic experience volunteering at the Parents for Joy event in Atascadero September, 24th. Jedi Trainer Lincoln trained children in the ways of “The Force” with lessons on strength, agility, and using their minds to choose the “light” side. It was a good thing everyone had light saber training too, because Darth Vader was… Read more »

Morro Bay Jedis

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Morro Bay was visited by both the Light and Dark Side May 1st. This epic battle was witnessed by Augustus at his awesome 6th birthday party. All of the padawans there were trained by Jedi Knight Lincoln and Princess Leia to resist the Dark Side and to only use the Force for good. They were tested when Darth Vader appeared unexpectedly to recruit… Read more »

Jedi Training on May 4th at Porterville Library

Jedis were sighted at the Porterville Library on May 4.  Princess Leia and a Jedi Knight were seen teaching children the ways of the Force. Of course they were taught to only use the Force for good and to defeat the Dark Side. These Padawans have proven that they have what it takes to defeat Darth Vader and return balance… Read more »

Storyland Jedi Academy

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The “Force” was strong with all of the padawans who attended Jedi Academy April 16th at Storyland in Fresno. The Jedi Trainer and Princess Leia were on hand to teach the ways of the light side to the padawans, in case they should be tested in the future. What a coincidence that Darth Vader and Kylo Ren would show up… Read more »

Surprise visit from Princess Leia

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Princess Leia took some time out from protecting the galaxy for a quick 60th birthday visit to Craig in Nipomo. Her visit surprised and pleased the “birthday boy” and his coworkers this past Monday, March 28th. She let him know that all on the light side send him well wishes during the start of his 6th decade and that she hoped he… Read more »

5th Annual SLO Preparedness Expo

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Are you prepared for a future disaster? How prepared are you for the future and past colliding…in a wonderful mix up of Star Wars proportions? Princess Leia and Kylo Ren met fans of all ages Saturday, March 12th at the 5th annual Preparedness Expo at the Madonna Expo Center in San Luis Obispo. Princess Leia made sure Kylo was on… Read more »

Jedi Academy in Bakersfield

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The word is spreading–the “Force” is strong with A Wish Your Heart Makes Jedi Academy parties! A Jedi Academy was held in honor of Luke’s 8th birthday Sunday, March 6th in Bakersfield. Luke and several padawans trained and joined forces with the “light” side to overcome Darth Vader and one of his stormtroopers. The new Jedi’s showed strength, agility, and… Read more »

New Jedi in Arroyo Grande

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Arroyo Grande was the site for another central coast Jedi Training Academy this Valentine’s Day weekend. Beau’s 5th birthday party held a Jedi Training Academy where many padawans learned the ways of the Force and how to use it for good. Jedi Master Matt and Princess Leia both educated the padawans with light saber training, trivia, and exercises in agility…. Read more »