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Our Elf on a Shelf flies to Oakhurst

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Sprinkles the Elf had LOADS of fun at Branches Books & Gifts back in December! She got to sing and dance to festive music with all of her new friends! Sprinkles was also delighted when she got to take fun photos with said new friends! What a merry evening that was!

The Crown Princess of Avalor Heads to Fresno!

Upon hearing it was Molly’s 4th birthday, Princess Elena rode Skylar all the way to Fresno to celebrate with her! After receiving etiquette lessons from the Crown Princess of Avalor herself, Molly was given her very own crown and was dubbed an honorary princess! Hooray!

Magic Carpets seen over Paso Robles!

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Princess Jasmine took a ride on her magic carpet to visit Jaylin on her 3rd birthday! She eagerly told her story, complete with daring sword fights and magical genies! Jasmine also taught everyone how to dance properly like the royalty of her kingdom! It was a whole new world of fun!

Princesses visit Oakhurst!

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After some serious wayfaring, Moana met up with Princess Belle and Princess Elena on September 2nd to visit the local princesses in Oakhurst! While at Branches Books and Gifts, Belle happily read (her favorite pastime) to her wonderful new friends. Moana had a pleasant surprise when all of the princesses sung her song with her! Princess Elena rounded off the… Read more »

Royal First Birthday in Arroyo Grande

Cinderella, her Fairy Godmother, and Prince Charming were on hand to wish Emily a very happy first birthday in Arroyo Grande Saturday. Emily was crowned princess for a day and given a royal, red carpet coronation. The royal couple declared that Princess Emily would “reign over her birthday party and ensure a happy celebration would be enjoyed by all her… Read more »