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10 Tips to Make Your Child’s Next Birthday Party a SUCCESS!

1. Mark your calendar. Set the date, time, and place for your child’s party.

Taya’s 3rd Birthday – Tulare, CA

2. Create a theme. What is your child’s favorite movie, book, or television show? This can give you an idea of what the parties theme could be and how elaborate you would like to make it.

3. Set a budget. Plan ahead! Give us a call early on and we can help you find the party plan and character that works for you!

4. Make a checklist.  Write everything down and stress less! You won’t have to worry about forgetting important details for your child’s birthday party.  Rest assured that our portion of the kids party is already taken care of.

5. Determine party size and send out invites.

Jedi Training in the Park – San Luis Obispo, CA

6. Decorations. Decide what you can make, borrow, or need to buy. This leads on to the next item…

7. Enlist help from family and friends. Divide up your workload so more can get done in half the time. This will also save money since family and friends can help with set up, clean up, decorations, food, etc.

Emma’s 5th Birthday – Los Banos, CA

8. Make it special!
Our kids party characters will make your event more memorable for your child and their guests. Relax and watch your child as they enjoy time with their favorite character! Enlist a princess, superhero or a Star Wars character to entertain at your child’s next party!

9. Organize games and activities. Add on face painting or a game and they will have even more interaction and fun memories with their favorite character!

10. Most important: Have fun!

We hope these Top 10 Successful Birthday Party Tips will help you in planning  your next Princess Party, Superhero Party or Star Wars party

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