There's Been a Disturbance in the Force...

Imagine the excitement and confidence a child feels as they are guided through this new adventure!

At a Birthday Party...

Far, Far, Away...

Young Jedis will practice virtues such as discipline, and learn the importance of honesty and integrity through action-packed activities and games with their Jedi Trainers!

Boys and girls alike will be thrilled to take part in this galactic adventure, as they travel deep into space where they will meet their training master! Each young prospect will pledge an oath before he/she learns to use the FORCE. Young ones will hone their skills of battle to defeat the evils of The Dark Side. Don’t worry, good always triumphs over evil!

May the force be with you, as you plan your trip to the galactic empire to celebrate birthdays and beyond!!!

Fun party for the entire family of all ages!

Star Warriors Birthday Package

$375 | 60 Minutes (Depending on the amount of children)

Additional characters:

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