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I had the delightful pleasure of enjoying a hybrid-streamed concert of two delightful local singers. Ashley Brown, a performer of many years on the Central Coast was joined by her father, "Mr. Brown," to create an evening music concert of the vocal arts. This wonderful new genre of hybrid performance includes a small COVID-conscious audience and a larger digital audience.

This appropriately intimate production of personal song choices reflected a retrospect of various genres of music geared to have a touch of history, whimsy, drama, and humor. Inside the personal residence, the setting was simple and straightforward with no undue ceremony - as the VOCAL performance was the focus, it was refreshingly, right on spot!

Ashley's sweet pure tones, combined with the full baritone of Mr. Brown made for an engaging melodic journey throughout the show. From the enchanting opening number "Secret Love" to the heart-rending closing number "Wind Beneath my Wings" (dedicated to a family member with cancer), the show is well-paced and lends itself more to a stroll through a personal musical memory lane. Standouts of the show included Ashley's rendition of "Colors of the Wind" and Mr. Brown's sentimental version of "Can't Help Falling in Love with You." This hybrid performance (live-streamed) style was new for the "Browns," but the amiable nature and personal stories and rapport smoothed any issues, into delightfully memorable and endearing moments. Simply, in a word, ENJOYABLE. I can only recommend seeing this family duo, whenever possible, as I can only speculate that this is just the beginning of greater performances to come.
Jason Sumabat, Director of
Central Coast Follies
Steve and Ashley are a brilliant duo! They are truly working very hard to make beautiful for the world to enjoy.

As their voice teacher, I can vouch that these two singers are very hardworking and accomplish all of the goals they set out to conquer. I am very proud of their work ethic and all of the success they are having with their duets series!!!

I highly recommend Ash and Steve as performers!
Chad Ruyle
Steve and Ash joined our Porterville Breakfast Rotary virtual Christmas dinner last night and truly brought joy and beauty! Their choice of songs kept our hearts full and our smiles brightened.

​Having known these beautiful people as part of our community for as long as I can remember, it was extra special to be able to see (and hear😊) during such a difficult time.

Thank you Steve and Ash for being a part of our celebration and helping to make it that much brighter during such a difficult time. We love you! ❤️
S. M. Berra