Meet the Performers

Your experience will not only be authentic with meticulously designed costumes, but with attention to details of the performers. AWYHM Performers truly become the character to provide you with a totally believable performance. We work with talented people who take this roll seriously, while having fun with the kids at the same time!


Abbigail is a student at College of the Sequoias. She has always been in love with the magical world of Disney, and will continue aspiring to work with what she loves by majoring in Theatre Arts! She is a cosplayer and cartoon/ makeup artist. She has been dressing up as characters for over 2 years and is super excited for the opportunity to be friends with some of her favorite princesses!


AJ has been born and raised in the Central Valley by a Disney fanatic, so he knows every role inside and out. He has always had a deep passion for making others smile and loves spending time with his church family, whether it be helping with the Kids For Christ or at an event with the youth group. AJ plans to be a bivocational minister who preaches the word of God and works as a Physical Therapy Assistant simultaneously. He aspires to bring joy and happiness everywhere he goes!


Alex is an aspiring costume designer, intermediate Cosplayer and stage performer! Born and raised in the Central Valley, Alex is a Fashion Merchandising student at Fresno State and a fan of all things animation. She has attended conventions all over California and has won several awards in Cosplay Competitions. Alex hopes to one day become an international Cosplayer winner with each day she grows in her craft. She is so excited to be working with A Wish your Heart Makes and can’t wait to create so many wonderful memories!

Amanda H

Amanda puts the P in positivity, she’s an outgoing, exciting individual with exceptional customer service skills. She’s worked as a Nanny, for the last 7 years caring for children, and interacting as a family member. She goes above and beyond in her roles as a nanny, a princess and performer. She’s diligent in her mental and physical health, and thoroughly enjoys roll play, costumes and makeup, in a variety of styles. She’s up beat and flexible to meet desirable schedules and proactively helps with her mothers in-home daycare needs. In her professional roles as a salsa dancer and instructor, she has reached 2-time champion recognition titles, in multiple competitions as well as preformed twice abroad in Rio de Janeiro for the annual Carnival Celebration.

Amanda Headshot

Amanda C

Amanda is a student at Cal Poly and is currently studying to become a veterinarian so she can help out furry friends both great and small! Even when she’s pursuing her career with animals, her goal is to also help people! Amanda shows kindness and compassion to everyone! Among hobbies like hiking, lifting, and surfing, she loves the world of fine arts, especially music and theater! In a great many ways, Disney shaped her childhood, and has led her to aspire to always be loving, intelligent, adventurous, and strong, just like her favorite princesses! As a good friend of the optimistic and kind Princess Rapunzel as well as the soft and patient Queen Elsa, Amanda is excited to teach young princes and princesses to dream big and to grow into the heroes they always want to be.


Amaris Laurette Taylor is a California born singer-songwriter, dance instructor, and all around performer who has been putting forth her music regionally for nearly a decade. She was in several bands based out of San Luis Obispo county for which she fiddled, sung for, and writes music and lyrics with and has been blessed to play stages up and down the West Coast with many other incredible artists, from the House of Blues in Hollywood to venues and music festivals everywhere from Apple Valley all the way out to Seattle and New Mexico. She has also done much solo work performing everywhere from fine restaurants, local wineries, and weddings following the music wherever it takes her. Her unique blend of skillful blues and jazz guitar picking combined with soulful vocals create an ambiance not soon to be forgotten. She graduated from PCPA's acting conservatory in 2011 after an unfolding lifelong learning adventure in music, dance and performance and has had the honor of bringing smiles with A Wish Your Heart Makes since 2013. She is also a proud children’s theater teacher for Klein Dance Arts in Santa Maria in addition to being a busy mom to two boys, and she loves to encourage both the children and the child-like to trust in the Creator’s love and follow your dreams!!!


Having lived up and down all of California, Anthony enjoys entertaining and bringing joy to everyone around him. From playing guitar and singing to jokes and goofy remarks, bringing smiles to everyone is his mission in life. He currently works in the Air National Guard full-time but also pursues the work of video editing and cinematography. He believes curiosity and determination can get you to any place you want to be. Walt Disney said “Around here, however, we don't look backwards for very long. We keep moving forward, opening up new doors and doing new things, because we're curious...and curiosity keeps leading us down new paths.” Keep moving forward is what keeps Anthony pushing further in life and his drive to share that mindset with others.

Ashley's Headshot


Ashley is a California Central Coast-based Entertainer, Actress, Singer, and also a Children’s Educator! Talk about a jack-of-all-trades! She loves sharing music with people of all ages, both personally and professionally. Her and her father even sing and perform together in their own dynamic duet! Ashley’s passion is to inspire young princes and princesses through entertainment, allowing them to sow the seeds of imagination in their own lives. Ashley also has a website where you can learn even more about her, you might even see a few of her friends, perchance a curious mermaid or a lovely French princess! You can find her website at ashleybrownacts.com

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Avery is a student at Cal Poly with a passion for art and spreading happiness! Her love of Disey and Storytelling has led her to pursue her degree and major in English! Avery has spent a fantastic eleven years spreading spirit as a cheerleader, both during high school and also as a teacher for little ones! Talk about some serious cheer! In the past, Avery has been the president of a club called Wings to Grow which is dedicated to brightening the day of local foster kids! Avery is an ecstatic performer, just like Princess Anna!


Born and raised in the Central Valley, Brandon is a California native and a lover of all things Disney, Star Wars, and Super Heroes! Brandon has been a performer for as long as he can remember, from band concerts in the 3rd grade, to karaoke night every other Wednesday! He's never afraid to be too goofy, too bubbly, or too fun; and there's nothing that kids love more than enthusiasm. Brandon's wish is to make every celebration an amazing one for not only the children, but the families and his fellow performers too!


Bria has an associate’s degree in dance and came all the way from the panhandle of Florida straight over here to California! Being a newlywed brought her here and brought her strong love of all things Disney as well. She’s an aspiring dancer and dreams of one day dancing for Disney. Before moving to California, she would spend her time off going to Walt Disney World once a week. She has a super fun personality and working with children is her specialty. In fact, her unending energy makes its appearance through her job as a part time dance teacher! She thoroughly enjoys teaching little ones how to dance and also how to act like a true royal. Her and her friend Princess Tiana can’t wait to dance at your celebration!


Caeden is an Economics Major and a Music Minor at Cal Poly! Hailing from San Diego, Caeden has been performing from a very young age. A great love of the arts has led him to roles both on stage and directing the stage! It’s even won him an award for Broadway San Diego’s Best Musical in 2019 for Mama Mia! Caeden is also very involved with music! After all, Walt Disney himself once said, “It is natural for people to want to go to music…the various rhythms enter into our lives every day.” Caeden has also recieved the John Phillip Sousa band award, and can be found playing in his band, writing or recording music for radio, podcasts, or television! Caeden has also been noted to be good friends with the star-spangled man with a plan, Captain America! And our sources also note that he is trained in the ways of the Force and is a certified Jedi Knight!


Camryn is currently majoring in Child Development! She has worked for a before and after school program for the last two years, helping little ones to achieve their true potential. She strives to inspire and teach all children to believe that anything is possible and dreams do come true! Her own dream is to become an Elementary School teacher. Camryn grew up with a passion for singing and performing that made its appearance in her involvement with choir and musical theater for the past ten years! Camryn loves all things Disney, especially the princesses! She is overjoyed to join both her love of working with young children and her passion for performing together as her and her best friend, Cinderella, teach little ones that no matter how big or small, all dreams come true!

Elizabeth's Headshot

Elizabeth C

Elizabeth is currently serving as the Director of Trade and Technical Affairs for a number of state and federal commodity board, such as the California Apple Commission, the California Blueberry Commission, and the California Olive Committee! She grew up in the Central Valley and even recieved her Master’s degree in Communication Management from the University of Southern California. Elizabeth currently lives with her husband, her one year old son, and their welsh corgi! As a new mother, Elizabeth knows the joy felt through the happiness of young princes and princesses and she looks forward to bringing smiles to the faces of many young people! Some of her good friends are the kind Princess Auroura as well as the serene Queen Elsa!

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Elizabeth S

As a longtime Disney enthusiast and costume aficionado, Elizabeth considers her work with AWYHM a creative outlet and has performed at over 100 events with the company. She loves working with kids and is passionate about bringing their favorite stories to life. She is currently funding her education at Fresno State University through her participation in the Miss America Scholarship Organization and was First Runner Up to Miss California 2022. When she’s not performing or studying, she can be found thrifting, practicing vintage hair and makeup styles, watching sci-fi movies, and joining in fellowship with the community at Visalia First Assembly of God.


Where do we start with Evan? An early career in front of the camera as a YouTuber encouraged him to pursue his degree in marketing, while continuing his passion for making videos in the Cal Poly sketch comedy club. Now he can be found all over TikTok making fun, viral content for all sorts of brands. Raised by a Marvel employee, Evan knows more about the Marvel Cinematic Universe than about long division. When he’s not on camera or donning a super-suit, he is playing pickleball, streaming Nintendo games on Twitch, or applying to be on the show Survivor. Evan’s goal is to create smiles and laughter through everything he takes part in.


As a little girl, Jackeline always wanted to be a Disney princess! Her parents would always make sure she had the most magical dresses when she was little and she would happily act out her favorite princess scenes. Getting the opportunity to become good friends with Princess Jasmine and Snow White brought back so many wonderful memories from her childhood! Its a perfect reminder to her of how much she loves bringing characters to life and making people, especially little princesses and princes, happy! Jackeline loves to babysit, and volunteering at church and in classrooms, she’s even studying child psychology so she’s able to understand and bring happiness to little ones going through hard times. If everyone believed in happiness and magic like children do, the world would be a better place!


John is currently a Cal Poly student majoring in Theatre Arts and is so excited to be a part of this group! He’s been into theatre for years, ever since his first musical back in elementary school. Ever since then he’s been hooked, and has let this guide him to perform on stage as much as possible throughout his school years, both in and out of it. He has a love for stories and the characters within them that has never ceased, and more than once got in trouble for reading in class (he still has trouble with that sometimes, but don’t tell his teachers… they know). He loves all things Marvel, DC, Star Wars, Disney, DnD, MTG, and more. A self proclaimed nerd and proud of it, he looks forward to making sure that everyone has an absolutely magical time whenever possible, and is happy to be working to brighten the day of every last individual he meets here!


Kayla has been involved in competitive dance for ten years! Talk about dancing through life! She loves to paint, draw and play tennis for fun! Kayla loves everything Disney and is so excited to bring all of the magic to little princes and princesses as well as all of their loved ones! She’s super good friends with Princess Anna, and they’ve both got the same amount of overflowing joy and energy to share with everyone!


Kira is a junior in college and nis studying business and marketing management. She’s been a dancer since she was three! She’s also been involved in competitive Taekwondo since she was five! She models for a boutique in the Central Valley and loves spending time with her family and friends, playing tennis and, of course, loves everything Disney! Kira’s done a little bit of everything, but, as a certain Pooh Bear once said, “Life is a journey to be experienced, not a problem to be solved.” Kira has been a princess performer for six years and loves bringing a sparkle of magic and joy into little princes and princesses lives! A good friend of Kira’s happens to be the magical Queen Elsa!

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Marissa is an elementary teacher in the Paso Robles School District! She absolutely loves working with little ones and helping them use their imagination and creativity. In her free time, she likes to babysit, tutor, surf, dance, play volleyball, and she even know how to use flamework to make glass sculptures! Growing up in the San Francisco Bay Area, Marissa was in many local theater Disney productions, and it was always her dream to be a Disney princess! She definitely agrees with Cinderella when she says, “If you keep on believing, the dream that you wish will come true!” She can’t wait to teach little princes and princesses to believe in themselves and never give up on their dreams. Unwavering hope (and a little pixie dust) goes a long way! Marissa is very good friends with the hardworking Princess Cinderella!


Hi I’m Meghan! I am a psychology student at College of the Sequoias. I have a deep passion for the arts as I have studied and done it all my life. I think one of the most important things in life is being able to express yourself, which I enjoy doing through makeup and hair. I have been surrounded by Disney all my life and have always wished to inspire people, and I’m excited to accomplish that through these lovely characters!


Michael currently does professional acting, voice, and video work. He has a love for imagination and has published two young reader novels and a novelette on amazon.com. Some of his interests include cooking, gardening, camping, fishing, animals, video games, oceanic life, filmmaking, and astronomy. Michael finds great pleasure in entertaining children and sparking their imaginations, so he fits right in with A Wish Your Heart Makes.


Mona is 20 years old and loves to feel like a true princess. She loves glitter, the color pink, and acting! Mona has experience in dance, theatre, cheerleading, and loves to be involved with the community at Tulare First Church Of God. Mona is a sociology major and animal science minor at College Of The Sequoias. Though Mona loves to work with animals, she also loves to work with kids. She enjoys working with the little ones at at the church she attends. She is taking child development classes in order to better understand children. She hopes to pursue a career in counseling children and teenagers. Taking a path with A Wish Your Heart Makes is something Mona is truly passionate about. She will get to spread some joy, put some smiles on children’s faces, and make their dreams come true!


Paola is a public health major at Fresno state! She loves working with children and in her spare time loves teaching art to kids! Paola is fluent in both Spanish and English. She loves bringing characters to life and has been doing so for 5 years as a cosplayer! She can sing along to any Disney movie and is overflowing with positive energy and enthusiasm!


Quinlin is a student at Arroyo Grande High School and a part of the theatre program there. She has been performing in plays musicals since was nine years old! In her free time Quinlin enjoys playing guitar, singing and reading! Ever since she was a little girl Quinlin has loved princesses and all things Disney. She is so excited to share the Disney magic with people all over the Central Coast and brings these magical characters to life!


Hello my name is Rose. I am currently at College of Sequoias taking courses to soon become a firefighter. I currently work part time for an amazing burger company. On my free time you could catch me working out at my fav gym, visiting the beach or mountains & admire God’s work, or doing my favorite thing ever; rewatching Beauty & the Beast or StarWars for the 100th time. I would see princesses, superhero’s, and Star Wars characters visit school events or birthday parties and always thought, wow, I want to be apart of that. God gives us the most important pieces of life, which are children, they are the future! They deserve many magical and fun memories! And all are the princesses & princes of their own kingdoms. I am excited to meet you!


Stephanie has dedicated her career of 8 years as a dental assistant to helping children. For 10 years she has spent her spare time teaching, coaching and caring for children. Stephanie enjoys cosplay and entertaining others. Her love for all things Disney, Marvel and Star Wars has inspired her to want to share and create magical moments.


As a Disney lover since her childhood, Taylor strives to be a light and positive influence in the lives of others. She is a Theatre Arts student at Fresno State University, and has been involved in theatre since her sixth grade. She is very grateful for the opportunities that God has given her, and wishes to share His love with the world. She has been involved in numerous productions at Tulare Western, College of the Sequoias, Encore Theaters, and Fresno State. She has a passionate for working with children, and wouldn’t want to spend her life any other way.


Trinity loves watching movies, especially Disney, and reading is one of her favorite hobbies. She can paint and do a bit of acting. She loves spending time with children and has lots of babysitting experience. She is so excited to be apart of this company and can’t wait to bring smiles to everyone!

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