Meet the Performers


Sarah embodies the princess spirit! She brings the kind-hearted and caring nature of princess characters with her to every event and occasion. Sarah has worked as a princess performer for the past two and a half years. In addition to acting, she studied ballet for six years and has an extensive background in cheer and dance. Sarah has tons of enthusiasm to share and loves bringing a smile to children and adults alike. She feels so fortunate to have found a career that combines her love for imagination, little ones, and performing. She is very passionate about spreading magic and kindness to all lives around her. Sarah is absolutely thrilled to be a part of the A Wish Your Heart Makes cast!

Ashley, Children's Parties Performer, California


Ashley Brown is a California Central Coast-based Entertainer, Actor, Singer, and Children's Education. She loves sharing music with people of all ages, personally and professionally. Ashley's passion is to inspire kids through entertainment, allowing them to curate the same sort of thing in their life, or to feel a sense of ownership about the environment where they feel free to be an artist. Learn more about Ashley Brown and her performances by visiting her website:


Anna is currently a Cal Poly student and is studying Food Science. She is from Southern California and loves all things Disney-- Star Wars and Marvel included! She has always loved being around people (and animals) and really loves making people smile and laugh. She also loves working with children and is so delighted for the opportunity to bring all their favorite characters to life!

Heather, Children's Parties Performer, Central Valley, California


Heather graduated from College of the Sequoias with an Associates Degree in Liberal Arts. She loves all things creative & making people happy. She is a mommy of two young children and loves how this job gives her the ability to be a stay at home mom as well as help provide. As a mom she knows the importance of making every detail of your event special for your little ones & as a performer she makes sure she does her job to make it so. She’s had a love for all things Disney for as long as she can remember. She even spent her honeymoon at the Disneyland Resort. Disneyland feels like home to her. The magic is undeniable. As a child, she always wanted to grow up to be a Disney princess and now with the help of AWYHM, her dreams are coming true!

Samonn, Children's Parties Performer, Central Valley, California


Samonn has been a registered nurse for 11+ years, serving area hospitals and is now a case manager with a Managed Health Care Organization. She has a passion to help out others and bring smiles to each of her patients. Samonn enjoys spending her weekends off with her two children, her family, and her friends at the lake, hiking in the mountains, or grabbing ice cream at the local creamery. She looks forward to working with the AWYHM team and bringing smiles to children throughout the Central Valley.

Amaris, Children's Parties Performer, California


Amaris has had a passionate love for the arts for as long as she can remember. She went on to graduate from the prestigious Pacific Conservatory of the Performing Arts for acting in 2011 after rigorously studying dance, drama, and music all throughout her elementary, junior high, and high school years. She currently works on the Central Coast as a professional singer, musician, and performer, embracing the influential aspect of the arts as a tool to lovingly connect humanity and bring forth the healing we all so desire. Children are a beautiful reminder to her as to how we all were born to see life: playfully and imaginatively, and that is something she is so graciously delighted to take part in.


Armando has always loved performing,even at a young age. Whether it was singing and dancing in front of family and friends,or performing for a big event in dance,choir or band. He has always been fascinated with Disney and marvel characters,Spider-Man being his first favorite superhero and role model. Aside from performing,Armando also loves working with adults and kids alike with the goal of putting a smile on their face. He believes you don’t need powers to be a true superhero,but instead a kind heart and a caring soul. Armando’s dream is to spread happiness to everyone he meets and to inspire others to be a superhero too.


Camryn is currently attending Clovis Community College majoring in Child Development. She has worked for a before and after-school program for the last two years, helping young children achieve their potential. She strives to inspire children to believe that anything is possible. Her goal is to become an Elementary School Teacher. Camryn grew up with a passion for singing and performing. She has been involved in choir and musical theater for the past ten years. Camryn loves all things Disney, especially the princesses. She is excited to bring together her love of working with young children and her passion for performing in her new role with “A Wish Your Heart Makes.”


Zoey is currently a student at Fresno State University and is a Music Education major. She has experience in opera, drama, jazz, and vocal performance. She is a huge Disney and Marvel nerd, and she really enjoys watching movies and reading books! Every little girl wants to be a Princess when they grow up and working for A Wish Your Heart Makes gives her that opportunity! She loves to bring smiles and laughter to everyone, so there are no sad faces while Zoey's around! She has a dog named Sinatra who is her Disney Princess companion, but he also goes by Stinky! Zoey also likes to dress up as superheroes and save the world from having a bad day! She's ready to make your wishes come true!

Amanda (New)

Amanda is currently attending Cal Poly and studying Animal Science with the goal of becoming a veterinarian. Even while pursuing a career with animals, her goal is to help people by showing kindness and compassion to those who need it most. Among other interests like hiking, lifting, and surfing, Amanda loves the worlds of music and theater. In many ways, Disney shaped her childhood, as she was always aspiring to be as loving, intelligent, adventurous, and strong as the princesses on the screen. As a performer, she is excited to inspire young children to dream big and to grow into the heroes they always wanted to be.


As a college student, a long-distance runner, a musician, a frequent candidate in the Miss America program, and a lover of all things colorful, Elizabeth is a multifaceted woman with a love of performing and bringing joy to those around her. She is no stranger to appearing in costumes at public events and recently facilitated a campaign in which she ran across town in elaborate disguises in exchange for donations to Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals. When she’s not doing the activities mentioned above, she can be found thrifting and collecting evening wear for a community closet that is available to women free of charge.


Tori graduated from Biola University with a Bachelors in Music, Music Education and a minor in Biblical Studies. Tori’s love for performance has allowed her to perform with several world class organizations and all over California, the Midwest states, and also Hawaii! Before moving back to the Central Valley, Tori performed with Disneyland in Anaheim and was close friends with Mickey Mouse, Minnie Mouse, and more. She is so sooo excited and thankful to be a part of the AWYHM team and looks forward to keeping the joy of magic alive!


Avery is a student at Cal Poly SLO with a passion for art and spreading happiness. Her love for Disney has led her to pursuing a major in English to further her aspiration for storytelling. Avery has spent an amazing 11 years spreading spirit as a cheerleader, both at her high school as well as teaching children and special ed students. Last year, she was president of a club called Wings To Grow, which is dedicated to brightening the day of local foster kids. Avery is ecstatic to be a part of an amazing, enthusiastic cast/company and can’t wait to bring princess stories to life at your event.


Bria has an associate’s degree in Dance and is from the panhandle of Florida. Being a newlywed brought her over here along with a strong love for Disney. She is an aspiring dancer in hopes to dance with Disney someday. Before moving to California she would spend her off time going to Walt Disney World once a week. Her obsession with Disney started from her family’s love for the company at a young age. She has an extremely energetic and fun personality, working with children is her specialty. As a part time dance teacher she thoroughly enjoys teaching children theatrical themed Disney dances and acting like a princess. Bria hopes to entertain and bring many smiles to everyone face. She is extremely excited to be working with “A Wish Your Heart Makes” bringing more magic to the team.


As a child I always wanted to be a Disney princess. My parents bought me numerous costumes when I was little and I would reenact scenes along with the movies. Being the Indian princess brought that part of my childhood back. It reminded me of how much I love bringing characters to life and making people especially children happy. From babysitting, volunteering at church and classrooms, I am always around children. I am currently studying child psychology, and after understanding more about children, I want to be able to bring happiness to those who are going through hard times. If everyone believed in happiness and magic like children, the world would be a better place.


Emilie is a passionate performer who has a love of princesses! She’s currently a vocal performance major at College of the Sequoias in Visalia! She loves bringing joy to others and sharing happy memories! She is excited to get to create magic for children of all ages! She has a love for all things princess and is excited to share that love with others! She’s so happy to be a part of the A Wish Your Heart Makes family!

Michaela (New)

Michaela is a Theatre Arts major at Cal Poly- San Luis Obispo. She absolutely loves performing and working with children so this opportunity is a dream come true. She has been a princess performer for the past 3 years and couldn’t imagine anything better. She loves all things Disney and looks forward to making your party as magical as possible.

Tony (New)

Tony has always been very animated and energetic. He enjoys cross country, track and wrestling, which taught him to focus his energy. As a drama student, he realized the joy people got from watching the shows that he was part of. Tony is excited to be part of A Wish Your Heart Makes to keep performing and entertaining young and old alike. He is currently working as a care provider, and also volunteers for Sunday School and daycare.


Taylor is an alumni of Azusa Pacific University, with a Bachelor of Science in Marketing. She is a Central Valley native, who held the royal title of Kingsburg’s Swedish Queen in 2015-2016. Taylor has been a dancer since the age of 3, venturing into cheerleading for 6 years. She also has a great passion for makeup artistry, working for large brands such as Kylie Cosmetics and Lancome, while creating tutorials for her subscribers on YouTube. Taylor has served the Central Valley and Southern California with her high energy and love for children, striving to always give her birthday princesses the most magical and memorable day. She is thrilled to be part of the A Wish Your Heart Makes Team!


Marissa is an elementary teacher in the Paso Robles School District. She absolutely loves working with children and helping students use their imagination and creativity. In her free time she likes to babysit, tutor, surf, dance, play volleyball, and flamework which is melting glass into sculptures. Growing up in the San Francisco Bay Area, Marissa was in many local theater Disney productions, and it was her dream to be a Disney princess. She is excited to bring the Disney magic and fun to all of your friends and family!


Hannah is a student at Cal Poly and is studying Political Science, but has had a lifelong love of performing! She has grown up dressing as princesses and fairies and putting on little plays for friends and family since she was a little girl. From years of volunteering as a camp counselor to teaching swim lessons, working with kids is a passion of hers, and performing for them is even better. She spent her middle and high school years acting and singing on stage, and the yearly children's shows were her favorite. Nothing is better than a good fairytale. Bringing joy to children through A Wish Your Heart Makes is a dream come true! family.


Jack is a fourth year History and Political Science Major at Cal Poly who can’t wait to make your next event a magical time you won’t soon forget! He has been acting since a young age both in live productions and in online videos with friends, so he is very excited to showcase his experience and enthusiasm. He has volunteered as a camp counselor for his church’s youth group programs. In his free time, Jack loves to explore nature with his friends and go surfing all along the central coast. He also has musical experience as a guitarist, and would love to put those skills to good use. Jack is ecstatic to bring the A Wish Your Heart Makes spirit to you!” I’m also attaching a new headshot of myself (I tried to take the photo a couple times already but it didn’t quite work out. I’m pretty happy with this one).

Kira (New)

Kira is a Junior in college studying Business and Marketing Management. She has been a dancer since the age of three and was involved in competitive Taekwondo since she was five years old. She models for a boutique in the Central Valley and loves spending time with her family and friends, playing tennis and of course loves everything Disney! She has been performing as a princess for 6 years and loves bringing a touch of magic and joy into children’s lives.

Caeden (New)

Caeden is a third-year Economics major and Music minor at Cal Poly. Hailing from San Diego, Caeden has been performing from a very young age. His love of theatre has led him to roles on stage and directing, winning him Broadway San Diego's award for Best Musical in 2019 with Mamma Mia. Caeden is also very involved with music. He plays about a dozen instruments, has received the John Phillip Sousa band award, and can be found playing in his band or writing & recording music for radio, podcasts, or television. Caeden also has a passion for improv & sketch comedy. He has years of experience with ComedySportz and can now be seen performing with Cal Poly's improv team, Smile & Nod. He also has a YouTube channel where he posts original sketch comedy & music. In his free time, Caeden is a huge nerd and is a fan of all things Marvel, Star Wars, and video games. He loves working with kids and is extremely thankful for his opportunity to be on this team!

Nichole (New)

Nichole Riffenburgh is a fourth year at Cal Poly, currently majoring in Theatre Arts and Minoring in Event Planning and Experiential Marketing. She has been dancing and singing since the age of 4 and involved in musical theatre since the age of 8. She loves Disney, with three of her favorite roles she’s ever played being Mary Poppins, Ariel, and Lumiere. Along with being a part of over 60 productions in her lifetime and winning multiple awards for theatre in both Southern and Northern California, Nichole has also worked professionally as an actor with Universal Studios Hollywood Theme Park. She hopes to bring joy and smiles to all those she has the pleasure of working with.

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