Education + Adventure + Fun = Blippi

“So much to learn about, it’ll make you want to shout!”

Blippi can be your next party or event host! He can lead any activities you have planned AND provide additional entertainment! Let Blippi lead your kids in fun games, make balloon animals, run around the playground, or even go roller-skating, bowling, or attend your school event to help make learning a blast. Blippi is perfect to invite to a bounce house, indoor play house, the park, trampoline park, rock-climbing party or other adventurous fun!  

Blippi can takeover your party for an hour or two while you sit back & relax. Watch your children & their guests laugh while making memories that last. Science project party? Engineer party? Ball pit? School event? Whatever your kid dreams up, Blippi is devoted to ensuring they have a very special party. Blippi likes when you think outside the box, and looks forward to helping make your event something that your kids are talking about for weeks.