Mario Bros

It’s-a time to let the adventure begin with our dynamic duo, Mario and Luigi! 🍄 Get ready for a party that’s packed with fun games, exciting birthday announcements, mind-blowing balloon twisting, and memorable photos to capture every moment.

🎉 Birthday Announcement: Let Mario and Luigi make a grand entrance to announce the birthday boy or girl! With their signature enthusiasm, they’ll kickstart the celebration with a blast.

🎈 Balloon Twisting: Watch in amazement as Mario and Luigi craft incredible balloon creations right before your eyes. From power-up mushrooms to Super Stars, the balloon twisting is as magical as the Mushroom Kingdom itself!

🎮 Fun Games: Get ready to jump, run, and compete in thrilling games led by Mario and Luigi. Whether it’s a race to collect coins or a quest to rescue Princess Peach, the adventure never stops.

📸 Photos: Capture the magic with photos alongside our beloved plumbers. These snapshots will be cherished memories of a day filled with excitement and joy.

And guess what? Princess Peach is also available to join the adventure at your party! 👑 Stay tuned for updates, and let’s make your next celebration a Super Mario extravaganza! 🌟🍕🎮