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Valentines Day Videogram

✨We have a special treat for YOU!✨

Valentine's Day Special!

$35 $25

Send a personalized Valentine’s Day greeting. 💕 For only $25 you can have a magical character send a 1-2 minute long video for your child, niece, nephew, grandchild, friend or other loved ones! Add fun details to ensure a big smile. Here’s an example:

“Hi Ashley! Your Auntie asked me if I could send you a quick video to say Happy Valentine’s Day! …I hope you have a beautiful day! Oh, and say hello to your dog Buddy for me!”

+$5 to add an extra child to the same video 🙂

Must order by 2/8 to arrive for Valentine’s Day!

Videos will be sent from the performers in these photos:

There are 2 Steps!

Step 1:

    Child's Gender


    Character Choice *

    Step 2:

    Pay with PayPal! If you were not taken to PayPal when you hit “send”, please head over to PayPal to submit your payment & finalize your purchase. Please put your name and the child’s name in the “Notes” section so we can match your payment to your information.