Enchanted Information

Wizard Party !

This past weekend, we had a very exciting birthday to celebrate with our Wizard crew! In Fresno, we celebrated Hudson’s 10th Birthday with our Wizard Friends and Professors.

 This Birthday was more than magical and one of the most well decorated we have seen! Our Wizards were amazed to see a train station that reminded them of home and plenty of new treats! They love to see what the Muggles can do!

During the party, half of our wizards played quidditch and the other half of our wizards taught the kids lots of challenging spells and how to duel just like a proper wizard! Everyone had the chance to play quidditch and learn new spells by switching around and everyone had a wonderful time.

Most importantly, our Wizards taught lessons and told stories about friendship and loyalty and the professors had fun asking trivia questions. No matter what house the kids felt like they belonged in, they all were brilliant. Points to every house!

If you want a party like this, contact A Wish Your Heart Makes. We will take care of you and make your dreams come true! We have our own special spells too 😉