Enchanted Information

SLO Christmas Parade 2021

The parade in SLO was incredible! Our royal guests had the most magical time with all of the parade attendees.

What Some of the Princesses and Princes Had to Say:

Seeing so many friends at the SLO Christmas Parade was a dream come true! I loved getting to walk down the (what are they called again? … Oh yeah!) streets, with my fellow princesses and celebrating the most wonderful time of the year!

– Princess Ariel

The parade in San Luis Obispo was just absolutely magical, I was sure Genie was the one behind it. It reminded me of the big festivals we’d have back at the palace in Agrabah! It was an amazing welcome, and wonderful to be a part of something so grand and joyous. Why, I haven’t had that much fun since I first rode the magic carpet! I can’t wait to visit again.

– Aladdin

I was very happy to have been invited to the parade in SLO! Oh how I wish I was able to bring my Prince to it. I just know he and Cinderella’s prince would get along magically. I would say the same about my little dwarf friends but I saw so many small humans in the crowd. Oh I couldn’t wait to tell the seven dwarfs of all the little friends I saw that day! I promised lots of them to treat them to pie in the cottage but I think we have to move our gathering to the castle with all the friends I invited. Skipping down the streets of SLO was very different to being in the forest. But I do think I enjoyed being there more since I saw so many new faces in the crowd! It was all so magical, especially spending time with all my princess friends! The dwarves all want to be part of the parade next time, especially Grump.. (but don’t tell him I said that).

– Snow White

Attending the SLO Christmas Parade was such an amazing experience for me! I had such a wonderful time seeing all the smiling faces and hearing the excitement in the crowd. I felt so special being out there, and interacting with all the kids and their parents truly warmed my heart. The SLO parade was such an unforgettable night and I loved every part of it!

– Princess Anna

After the SLO Christmas Parade, the Princesses and Princes had a ball at the Madonna Inn! They enjoyed Pink Champagne cake and had fun taking photos together, too. 

Our team loves providing magical experiences for all! Here are what two performers said about their experience this weekend: 

“We all have a special character we connect with when we are little, I am very grateful that I can become mine for this company. Snow White has always been my favorite and since she is the first princess created both young and old have connections to her as well. Walking in the parade allowed me to see this connection with people from many generations. The past couple of years have most definitely been difficult. But events like the SLO parade allow us to bring magic into people’s lives. It was wonderful to witness people happy to see me as Snow White. In those moments, I realized that somehow five year old me was able to make her dreams come true. As I walked by elderly people and curtsied to them and blew kisses to the little ones, I had a full circle moment.” – Jackeline

“The SLO Christmas Parade was a magical experience, both for the Princes and Princesses and the families we were able to have an impact on. Seeing the children smile and their eyes sparkle as their favourite character walked by was so heartwarming. Providing that enchanting experience for others felt very rewarding!” – Avery